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Jin Hackman 2012 Rap up lyrics

I’m still alive, no Mayan apocalypse
Another rap-up? Yeah not a problem kid
That Amalina girl, victim of gossiping
But just because she’s a scholarship
Holder, hold up, we saw a couple flash mobs
And snatch thieves, they took a couple laptops
Haris went on air, due to his carelessness
Next thing he knew, Ellen Degeneres
KFC introduced punches to their menu
But Nando’s had punchlines sharper than a ginsu
Only 8 bars in, let me continue
Rest in power Alda, know that we miss you
Never met another musician so selfless
Another brother gone too soon, god please help us
Send our love to him, but he’s probably
Jamming up in heaven with the legend Paul P
I still can’t believe they cancelled Badu...
Right before her show because of a fake tattoo
Go ahead and point fingers, speculate who’s wrong
But that conversation will go on and on...
Though shoutout to my homie Al-Z
Got locked up over a tweet, now that’s G
Them old farts were going on a banning-spree
From ballet to a Malique song, now that’s weak
Paradigm Mall had an elevator problem
And had to hire magicians to motha------ solve it
SonaOne Kenobi was terribly assaulted
Justice not served, they haven’t caught the culprit
Bersih 3.0 got a little out of hand
Who else saw the cop car crash and went goddamn?
We found Uncle Saw in the midst of the chaos
A cab-driving poet whose words were heroic
Some weird protests outside Ambiga’s crib
In the form of a burger stall and aerobics
Janji Ditepati? Or Janji Dicapati?
Either way I’m asking, what is this ----ery?
The missing kid Nayati made it home safe
But the other hundreds of children, still no update
While the popos were busy on the paper chase
A crime was attempted at The Curve like every day
Bieber and Selena - spotted at Wangsa Walk
New Merdeka logo turned into a laughing stock
And I was super confused by the new coins
They all look the same, so what's the ----ing point?
A certain book at Borders got confiscated
Next dude to say "Untung Lah" gets humiliated
Bands on VersusMY were in it to win it
And rapper 50 Cent got converted to Ringgit
The Thor meme was torture to say the least
I was torn between lulzing and jumping off a cliff
Be warned, someone might just pull up and shoot ya
Then escape the jail term cause he has a “bright future”
Word up, “Ampang girls are so bahaya”
But Patricia K, that’s a different kind of fiyah
Daphne Iking took her DJ classes serious
LANSI lookbooks... fap material
JinnyBoyTV, 20 million views sonny
Hmm, I smell Youtube money
Melayu Rap Battle parody was effing gold
If you’re anything like me, you’d love the effing show
Chong Wei did his thing even though he didn’t win
Malaysians gathered and watched the game on the TV screen
Probably the strongest support we’ve ever seen
Don’t be sorry bro, we still got the free ice cream
Liver cancer beat Gunalan to the punch (RIP)
Fierce Curry House if you’re craving Briyani for lunch
Random mention of my ninjas in Ampang
Twitter account of the year? @HasbullahAwang
Dem Lepak Boyz swagged out at Showdown
And OCK showed us around Rock & Roll town
We learned to dance from the Korean brother Psy
Then came the parodies and all we could do was sigh
Gangnam style became a worldwide phenomenon
Do The Dappan though, just pissed off everyone
But forgive and forget and you'll be less agro
Don't be the Wiper Woman who refused to let go
We got schooled on Asian Hip Hop thanks to Joe
And if you don’t know... now you know
Malique won a few awards but never showed up
And three Sisters were Impatient to blow up
H3 was getting shows both left and right
Darren Ashley found his sound and The Light
Altimet channeled X to the Z on Pimp My Ride
We Are KIX made us realize KL is ALIVE
And if you couldn’t relate to it, no one cares
Like when it was Movember and I couldn’t grow facial hair
Pastel Lite, Enterprise, acts to watch out for
2db, Adam Kasturi, and a whole lot more
Diskopoliz's Class of ’91 dropped our jaws
OJ was the only reason we had to obey the Law
AIM made up for the previous bullsh--
By awarding "Album of the Year" to Salammusik
Go up north and find Penang murals vandalized
Burger Lab... something I have yet to try
Noh & Nina had their own show, don’t act surprised
Samurai Sword couple should have been next in line
Hunny Madu gave birth to her daughter
Legoland was all the way in Johor so I didn't bother
The K-word trended, shame on those who contributed
Didn't they know Twitter's not meant for the stupid
Rihanna called Yuna top-notch, how cool was that?
And then we started seeing her face in every YouTube ad
We sat back and witnessed Felix's freefall
Soundtrack of that night - 'Jump' by Kriss Kross
Forget the Grammys cause Shout! was just as good
Except for when bottles were thrown at the K-Pop groups
And if you saw someone slip and fall on TV
Well... that wasn't me
We had the most amazing time at FMFA
And loads of other parties organized by Livescape
Urbanscapes goers braved the mud like a bawse
And suddenly everyone was a fan of Sigur Ros
Jen Han, had jokes all year - no debate
But gay guidelines? man that takes the cake
With all due respect, sh-- was funny as heck
I guess Wu said it best, protect your V-neck
The fact is, 2012's over and done with
So it's time to usher in the new year and run this
Thing here, stay fresh, stay clean
And let us welcome two thousand and thirteen

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